Cash In on Crypto Today

CryptoMart ATM is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Transactions are safe, easy and private.

At any of our numerous locations, take advantage of our free crypto cash offers.

Cash In on Crypto Today

Cryptomart ATM is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin with your credit card. Locate a Bitcoin ATM near you. Transactions are safe, easy and private. At any of our numerous locations, take advantage of our free crypto cash offers.

Bitcoin ATM near you

      Features & Benefits of using

      a Crypto Mart ATM

      Easy To Use

      Our Bitcoin ATMs are user-friendly and will guide you through the buying or selling process step by step.

      Privacy Oriented

      There’s no need to provide your personal bank details. You can buy cryptocurrencies with as little as a phone number.

      Flexible Purchase Amount

      You can Buy anywhere from $10 to $35,000 worth of Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies Daily.

      Safe & Compliant

      Crypto Mart ATMs are secure to use and are in compliance with the strictest federal and state laws.

      Control Your Crypto

      You have complete control over your cryptocurrency and can send it to anybody anywhere.

      Host a Bitcoin ATM in Your Store

      Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular every day, but the process of buying and selling them can be difficult and confusing. Cryptomart ATM provides a simple, convenient, and reliable way for customers to buy and sell Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies. We make it easy for business owners to “Cash In” by Hosting a Bitcoin ATM in their store. All you need is a 2ft x 2ft space for the machine, a power outlet and Internet connection within 6 feet of the machine location and we will handle the rest.

      SAve On Your First Bitcoin Purchaase

      Submit your contact info and receive 5% Off your first purchase Bitcoin at any of our convenient BTM’s

      How To Buy & Sell Crypto at

      a Crypto Mart ATM


      Tap the Buy range for the amount in which you plan to buy Bitcoin

      *Usual ranges are $0-$999, $1000-$2999 , $3000-$9999, and $10000+
      *Always make sure to select the correct range to avoid any delays in purchasing.


      Scan your Bitcoin wallet address using your phone

      *Only use your personal Bitcoin wallet
      *Avoid buying Bitcoins for any third party (anyone other than yourself) Never attempt to pay bills using the Bitcoin ATM


      Insert cash into the Bitcoin ATM and tap Done.

      *Inserted amount of cash will display on the screen as well as the amount of BTC which you will receive in return
      *Keep the printed receipt as your proof of purchase


      Use your Bitcoin

      *You can now use your bitcoins for online purchases, send to friends and family, or hold as an investment.


      Frequently asked questions

      Bitcoin is a form of decentralized digital currency created and held electronically. They’re produced by people, businesses, or computers using software that solves mathematical problems. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain.

      A blockchain collects information together in blocks. This is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that are distributed across a network of computer systems. For example, here is where you’d find a track record of data, transactions, and timestamps.

      Crypto is just short for cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency exchanged online using a digital ledger, also known as the blockchain. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all cryptocurrencies.

      A bitcoin address is a digital set of numbers that you need to send and receive cryptocurrencies. These usually have 26 digits. All addresses are different. Check to see if your wallet allows you to create a QR code that can be scanned in the machine, so you don’t need to type any information.

      All that is needed to purchase bitcoin from one of our bitcoin ATMs is a phone number that can receive SMS and cash. Depending on the amount of bitcoin you are purchasing you may be required to verify your ID.

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      At any of our numerous locations, take advantage of our free crypto cash offers and check us out on social media for new location grand openings and free cryptocurrency giveaways.