Refund Policy

1. Purpose and Acknowledgement

This policy serves as a clear guideline for refund procedures concerning transactions and purchases carried out using Crypto Mart’s ATM machines. By using our services, you (“You”, “Customer”, “User”) acknowledge and agree to abide by this Refund Policy.

2. Scope

The policy applies to all customers of Crypto Mart’s services and covers refund requests for failed or incomplete transactions.

3. Eligible Transactions

Refunds do not apply to:

  • Completed transactions
  • Transactions directed to wallets beyond your control

4. Cancellation of Transactions

Once a transaction is initiated through Crypto Mart, cancellation is not possible due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions. It is crucial to thoroughly review your order before finalizing it.

5. Refund Requests

You must provide accurate and complete information and inspect your receipts diligently. To request a refund, you must notify Crypto Mart via email at [email protected] within seven days of placing your order. Refund requests received beyond the seven-day timeframe will not be considered.

6. Refund Eligibility

Only failed or incomplete transactions qualify for refunds. Refund eligibility determinations are entirely at Crypto Mart’s discretion, with the approval or denial of refund requests being contingent upon the sole judgment of Crypto Mart. It is your responsibility to cooperate in refund investigations and furnish pertinent transaction details upon request.

7. Refund Process

If your request is approved, you may receive a refund to your bank account via ACH, accompanied by a voided check, as determined by Crypto Mart. Any market gains related to refunds shall be the sole property of Crypto Mart. Interest will not be paid on refunded amounts.

8. Timing of Refunds

Upon approval of a refund, you should expect to receive it within 30 business days.